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HealthTextiles is revolutionizing the health care uniform sector with anti-bacterial, sustainable and comfortable clothing. We create clothes and uniforms for the health-care sector with anti-bacterial properties, made from a revolutionary material. Our clothes are comfortable to wear throughout your shift, are good for the environment, and keep you protected from bacteria exposure on the job.

About the product

HealthTextiles has selected the best partners in yarn production, woven fabrics production and knitted fabrics production. The woven fabrics supplier and knitted fabrics supplier are both exclusive for TorTex™ fabrics. HealthTextiles sells its patented TorTex™ fabrics to garments producers or sports brand by having standard licensing agreements.

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Healthcare - DoubleRose in Hungary

“Opportunities not only will be or may be but are right now.”

Hospital Trial Shows Healthcare Workers Prefer Uniforms with TorTex Fabric Powered by 37.5® Technology picture 1

Healthcare - Hospital Trial of Healthcare Uniforms

Hospital Trial Shows Healthcare Workers Prefer Uniforms

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Healthcare - Dentists on the Frontline:

How We Are Navigating COVID-19

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“In Sweden alone, health associated infections from bacteria exposure in hospitals cost 6-7 billion SEK annually, with 9% of people admitted contracting a healthcare-associated infection during their hospital stay,” says HealthTextiles founder Tomas Persson. “Within the crowded, chaotic environments at hospitals and care homes, our patented TorTex fabric provides the protection that healthcare workers need to save lives and stay safe throughout the work day.”
Tomas Persson, Founder & Owner, HealthTextiles
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TorTex™ fabrics is an optimal blend of several fibers that together have undergone a complex technological process with the results of fabrics with anti-bacterial, sustainable and comfortable properties. We are the first in the world to develop TorTex™ fabrics, and we are convinced that there is no softer & more comfortable fabric that can offer as much to the sports and healthcare sector.

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Founded by a father, mother and son team (mom Birgitta, a retired textiles teacher and son Tomas, a serial entrepreneur and Harvard Business School graduate), we offer innovative Swedish design and quality. While we are a fast-growing international start-up, we are proud to be locally based in Gävle, Sweden.

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