HealthTextiles: revolutionizing the health care uniform sector with anti-bacterial, sustainable and comfortable clothing.

HealthTextiles creates clothes and uniforms for the health-care sector with anti-bacterial properties, made from a revolutionary material. Our clothes are comfortable to wear throughout your shift, are good for the environment, and keep you protected from bacteria exposure on the job.

Founded by a father, mother and son team (mom Birgitta, a retired textiles teacher and son Tomas, a serial entrepreneur and Harvard Business School graduate), we offer innovative Swedish design and quality. While we are a fast-growing international start-up, we are proud to be locally based in Gävle, with offices at the Sandviken Hospital close to the people who wear our clothes every day.

New Healthcare Uniforms and Textiles

Unique product

We offer healthcare uniforms that are antibacterial, sustainable & environmental, and comfortable at a reasonable price

Our business idea

Our mission is to save lives and decrease costs for the healthcare sector by developing innovative new healthcare uniforms and textiles