Performance Clothing


Performance T-Shirt and Golf Shirts

This anti-odor premium t-shirt and golf shirt are especially designed for training & golfing.

It’s made of TorTex fabrics powered by 37.5® Technology.

With a perfect blend of TorTex fabrics and 37.5® technology it provides optimal performance regarding durability as well as antibacterial function and temperature control.

37.5® Technology warms you up when you’re cold and cools you down when you’re hot.

With this tee you will feel lighter during you workout and not experience that sticky and sweaty feeling.

We are convinced that there is no softer more comfortable fabric that can be offered to sports.

Keep cool, stay fresh and focus on your performance.

Face Mask

Reusable and washable in 60 degrees.

Our face mask is made with TorTex material powered by Eco Dri fabrics

it is organic anti-bacterial and anti-virus.

Eco-Dri™ Technology is permanent, does not wash out of fabrics and retains its performance over the product life.

You can wash your mask up to 25 times for an effective protection.

All requirements are met in accordance with the Regulation for personal protection (PPE, (EU) 2016/425).

Healthcare - DoubleRose in Hungary

“Opportunities not only will be or may be but are right now.”

Hospital Trial Shows Healthcare Workers Prefer Uniforms with TorTex Fabric Powered by 37.5® Technology picture 1

Healthcare - Hospital Trial of Healthcare Uniforms

Hospital Trial Shows Healthcare Workers Prefer Uniforms