HealthTextiles Announces Strategic Partnership with Hungarian Hunting Retailer Weigl


HealthTextiles, Europe’s leading innovative textiles manufacturer that combines the latest technologies with heritage craftsmanship for world-class production of healthcare & sportswear garments, today announced a strategic partnership with Hungarian retailer Weigl.

As part of the partnership, HealthTextiles will produce a collection of outdoor garments made from its TorTex™ fabric powered by 37.5® Technology. The TorTex fabric is a unique patented fabric that is anti-door, sustainable and comfortable.

Especially designed for outdoor sports including hunting, hiking, mountain climbing and skiing, the collection will be available on the Weigl web shop, in-store at the company’s hunting store in Budapest and across its network of 40+ resellers.

Founded by two Hungarian entrepreneurs, Weigl parent company Beo-Pa Ltd is a leader in the local hunting trade market and has become one of the largest retailers of hunting garments in Europe. The company is currently constructing a multifunctional community space and sports shooting range, where visitors can learn about sustainable hunting processes, game management and sustainable farming.

HealthTextiles is pleased to partner with Beo-Pa Ltd., as the companies share a mutual responsibility and passion towards driving sustainability across the global textile industry.

“Through our use of sustainable and biodegradable natural fibres, we are helping lower the impact of the textile industry on the environment,” says Tomas Persson, founder at HealthTextiles. “Made without coatings such as silver, TorTex™ helps reduce the risks of antibiotic resistance and environmental pollution and does not release any harmful substances to people or the planet.”

The partnership between Weigl and HealthTextiles is supported by Doublerosenext, a leading garment design and production company in Hungary. “Our expertise in design and sewing, paired with the excellent antibacterial and antiviral TorTex fabric should enable Weigl to offer a high end product line to all Hungarian hunters, said Dora Bogdanovics, managing director of doublerosenext.

“As the major distributor for hunting apparel and accessories in Hungary, we are proud to launch our own clothing brand. The design and comfort of the antibacterial and antiviral clothing from TorTex fabric is ensured by doublerosenext™ and should enable Weigl to strengthen its position by providing the highest quality clothing to this significant segment. We are sure that Weigl customers who are used to receiving superior quality will be pleased to experience the high body comfort even under extreme outdoor hunting conditions,” added a representative of Weigl.

HealthTextiles recently announced another highly-lucrative partnership with sport performance and lifestyle brand Kordiebykordie in Scandinavia, producing a collection of smart training apparel for the brand, including golf shirts, t-shirts and socks made with TorTex™ fabrics, powered by 37.5® Technology.

Developed at the company’s head office in Sweden, all HealthTextiles sports, lifestyle and healthcare apparel are rigorously tested to face elements that require full functional movement and varying hunting temperatures.

About HealthTextiles

HealthTextiles is a leading Swedish manufacturer with a mission to save lives and decrease costs for the healthcare sector by developing innovative new healthcare uniforms and textiles. Offering unique anti-bacterial uniforms with Swedish quality and design, their uniforms can be found in hospitals, health clinics and care homes across Europe, with the company set to expand globally in 2021. HealthTextiles is supported by EIT Health.

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