HealthTextiles Enters German Market & Announces Partnership with Leading Distributor


HealthTextiles, a leading innovative manufacturer that combines the latest technologies with heritage craftsmanship for world-class production of PPE, today announced it is entering the German market after securing a high-valued collaboration with partners Andrick-Schutzbekleidungen and Medical Valley.

In 2019, HealthTextiles was selected into the EIT Health Bridgehead project, where the company first met with Medical Valley representatives in Stockholm. Since then, HealthTextiles has been working alongside Medical Valley, who are EIT Health accelerator partners, in a soft-launch in the German market. Today, the company announces it will formally launch in the market with the support of leading distributors Andrick-Schutzbekleidungen, with the partnership facilitated by Medical Valley.

“We are happy to have the right partners in Germany: Andrick-Schutzbekleidungen and Medical Valley,” said Tomas Persson, chairman at HealthTextiles. “Also, this would not have been possible without the selection into EIT Health.”

“We are happy to sell HealthTextiles products,” added André Zahn, from Andrick-Schutzbekleidungen.

Medical Valley GmbH is a leading supplier for PPE procurement for many healthcare providers in Germany, and provides network support for international companies which want to get access to the German healthcare market. The partnership with HealthTextiles is a promising approach to establish sustainable textiles within the German hospital environment.

“As a company, we do not only see sustainability as an opportunity to minimize our footprint, but we also see it as an opportunity to maximize our competitive advantage and the value of our business,” Persson continued. “We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and the development of SDG Goal 13 “Climate Action in the Textile Industry” and work hard every day to inspire and enable our customers and partners to make better decisions and keep driving change in our industry by leading by example.”

Recently awarded Best Healthcare Uniform Provider by Global Health & Pharma, the Swedish HealthTextiles mission is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate healthcare-associated infections by developing the world’s most advanced PPE, protecting healthcare workers from pathogen exposure during patient care.

Founded by Harvard MBA and entrepreneur Tomas Persson, textiles expert Birgitta Persson and public service leader Torgny Persson, HealthTextiles is a Swedish scallop that was also awarded by Ahlgrens Foundation in 2018 & 2020 as one of the most innovative startups in the Gävleborg region.

HealthTextiles works with a number of high-profile customers across Europe, including Hungarian healthcare company DoubleRose, Polish distributor Tuttomed Farmacja, Portuguese distributor Sausport, Irish distributor 21Omnicare and Swedish sportswear company Kordiebykordie.

About HealthTextiles

HealthTextiles is a leading Swedish manufacturer with a mission to save lives and decrease costs for the healthcare sector by developing innovative new healthcare uniforms and textiles. Offering unique anti-bacterial uniforms with Swedish quality and design, their uniforms can be found in hospitals, health clinics and care homes across Europe, with the company set to expand globally in 2021. HealthTextiles is supported by EIT Health.

Tomas Persson, Chairman
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