Our Story

Birgitta Persson has been a textiles teacher in Gävle, Sweden for over 40 years and also ran her own local clothing company in the 1980s-1990s with a loyal customer base. But as passionate as she was for fabrics and materials, she also saw how knowledge and expertise within her area of specialty was not being passed down to the next generation. She wanted to share her craft and carry on the proud history that the Gävleborg region has played with its  textile heritage. So, after she retired, she started a vocational school in textiles and design.

At the same time, she also found out about a new material with anti-bacterial properties that she had never heard about in all her years of teaching and working in the field. The more she and her son researched this new material, the more she became convinced that anti-bacterial clothing could be beneficial for healthcare in a way ordinary cotton or polyester materials could not.

Her son, Tomas Persson, a Harvard Business School graduate and serial entrepreneur, immediately realized that clothing and uniforms with anti-bacterial properties could revolutionize the health care sector, and be valuable for personnel in high-risk germ environments. He also noted that the fabric was significantly more sustainable than traditional textiles.

Together, they travelled to China, where they partnered with a local business partner (and Harvard Business School classmate of Tomas) with extensive knowledge of the local textile industry. They created their first uniform prototype, and after field testing with health care workers, they fine-tuned their unique product even further. 

Today, the retired textiles teacher from Gävle, her husband and their son are the majority owners of HeathTextiles, offering unique anti-bacterial uniforms with Swedish quality and design.

Their uniforms have found fans in hospitals, health clinics, and nursing homes---and the company has excited the investment community as it continues to expand.