Swedish textile startup challenges single use with a sustainable value chain.


In a time where sustainability is the keyword, the Swedish startup HealthTextiles leads with its vision for a circular and sustainable value chain within the textile industry. Since its inception in 2015, HealthTextiles has consistently challenged norms by combining circular functionality and sustainability in a unique way.


The textile industry is facing significant challenges, but also fantastic opportunities. As a startup, we have the advantage of thinking innovatively and shaping our operations around a sustainable core in the right way compared to large companies that are stuck in old value chains,” says Tomas Persson, founder and chairman of HealthTextiles.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals, along with the demands from the capital market and the increased customer demand for sustainable products, have been central driving forces for HealthTextiles’ mission. Unlike traditional companies, HealthTextiles has built its business model with sustainability as the core focus from the ground up.

During the pandemic, the unsustainable use of single-use plastic garments gained attention. Now, there is an increasing demand for reusable garments in hygiene products, such as reusable menstrual underwear (instead of disposable pads) and reusable surgical attire (instead of single-use clothing).

HealthTextiles has responded with innovative solutions, including a unique fiber that combines natural cellulose and polyester with enhanced biodegradable capability, ensuring faster decomposition and less environmental impact. The company’s TorTex™ fabric also sets a new standard with its natural antibacterial properties and high-quality standards. The fabric is silver-free and naturally antibacterial even after 100 washes, as verified by the world-leading testing institute SGS.


”For us, it’s not just about creating sustainable products, but also about redefining how we produce and consume within the textile industry,” says Tomas Persson. With innovative initiatives such as a clothing recycling strategy, we can manufacture rugs that, despite lasting for hundreds of years, can be composted by the consumer and turn into soil within decades when they are worn out.


In close collaboration with partners such as Almi Företagspartner, HealthTextiles continues to be at the forefront of sustainability strategy and innovation.

”Our latest improvement is that we have conducted a sustainability workshop in collaboration with Almi Företagspartner. This workshop is part of the offering for Almi’s Green Loans. The significant advantage of the workshop is that it provides a mapping to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aids us in organizing and communicating our sustainability strategy,” concludes Tomas.

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About HealthTextiles

HealthTextiles is a leading Swedish manufacturer with a mission to save lives and reduce costs in the healthcare sector by developing innovative new medical uniforms and textiles. The company is also committed to improving the quality of life for women through innovative products such as menstrual underwear. HealthTextiles works closely with its partners and investors to drive the industry forward and create positive change.


Our Sustainability Strategy

From soil to soil: We take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of textiles. It is our mission to be the most sustainable textile company in the world. For us, this means creating long-term, sustainable value that extends far beyond considerations of consumption metrics: it includes the entire lifecycle of our TorTex™ fabrics, from how it is manufactured, sold, worn, and ultimately retired.

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