Healhtcare Uniforms with TorTex™ fabrics powered by 37.5® Technology

Using TorTex™ fabric, healthcare providers are able to significantly reduce the risk of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs) among nurses, doctors and their patients.

Antiviral Fabric 

Prevent 99.9% of H1N1 virus & Staphylococcus aureus bacteria verified by SGS

Stronger Protection

Reduces the risk of H1N1 infection by 20x compared to standard fabrics

Sustainable Alternative

Made from optimal level of sustainable and biodegradable
natural fibres, TorTex™ helps lower the impact of single-use medical protective clothing items on the environment.

Environmentally Friendly

TorTex™ organic antimicrobial capability is without coatings such as silver / nano silver.
By avoiding silver, TorTex™ helps reduce the risks of antibiotic resistance and environmental pollution. TorTex™ does not release any harmful substances that have been verified by Hohenstein.

Leading the Development of Antimicrobial Fabric
HealthTextiles, a leading innovative manufacturer that combines the latest technologies with heritage craftsmanship for world-class production of PPE, is at the forefront of the development of such fabrics with its patented TorTex™ fabric. HealthTextiles is the first in the world to develop TorTex™ fabrics, with its unique patented design and antimicrobial
properties scientifically proven to prevent 99.9% of virus and bacteria and reduce the risk of infection by 20x compared to standard PPE fabrics.

“These are amazing results for TorTex™, that could lead to safe working conditions for coronavirus first responders and healthcare workers, protect many lives and open new market opportunities for HealthTextiles, especially in this time of pandemic,”
Zara Pons Vila PhD and Manager of Strategic Initiatives at EIT Health.
Woman with facemask

Facemasks with TorTex™ fabrics powered by Eco Dri technology