HealthTextiles: revolutionizing the health care uniform sector with anti-bacterial, sustainable and comfortable clothing made of TorTex.

HealthTextiles: creates clothes and uniforms for the health-care sector with anti-bacterial properties, made from the revolutionary material TorTex. Our clothes are comfortable to wear throughout your shift, are good for the environment, and keep you protected from bacteria exposure on the job. .

What makes Tortex so unique?
Tortex is an optimal blend of several fibers that together have undergone a complex technological process with the results of fabrics with anti-bacterial, sustainable and comfortable properties.  We are the first in the world to develop Tortex-based fabrics, and we are convinced that there is no softer, more comfortable fabric at an affordable price that can offer so much to the health care sector.  

Who should wear the products?
Health Textiles has made a clothing line with Tortex designed specifically for the needs of those who work in hospitals, health clinics, and nursing homes. Whenever a job involves frequent contact with sick patients, the risk for contamination can be high. In these situations, ordinary uniforms made of cotton and polyester are not optimal, both from an anti-bacterial and environmental perspective.

Why do we need anti-bacterial clothes in the the health care sector?
Resistant bacteria is one of the biggest threats to humanity according to WHO.
In Sweden alone, health associated infections from bacteria exposure in hospitals cost  6-7 billion SEK annually (according to Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)  .
Nine percent  of all patients become infected by health associated infections during their  hospital stays  in Sweden.
Textiles are the second biggest cause of spreading health-associated infections at Swedish hospitals. Proactive efforts in hygiene can save 3 billion SEK in Sweden and reduce 300, 000 hospital days for patients in Sweden.