HealthTextiles Announces Strategic Partnership with 21 Omnicare, Named Official Distributor In Northern & Southern Ireland

HealthTextiles, a leading innovative manufacturer that combines the latest technologies with heritage craftsmanship for world-class production of PPE, today announced a strategic partnership with 21 Omnicare, an official distributor for the company’s healthcare garments in Northern and Southern Ireland.

The strategic partnership will see 21 Omnicare distribute HealthTextiles garments on the healthcare market in Southern and Northern Ireland, with a focus on distributing the company’s world-class TorTex™ fabric uniforms powered by 37.5 technology.

“We are honored to welcome 21 Omnicare to the HealthTextiles global distribution team, a dynamic organization that has successfully evolved to meet the demands of an ever-changing healthcare textiles business environment. I am enthusiastic about the opportunities to build upon with 21 Omnicare, and they are in an excellent position to support us on our growth in Northern and Southern Ireland,” said Tomas Persson, Chairman, HealthTextiles.

21 Omnicare was set up in response to the growing demand for sustainable, reusable textiles in hospitals and other healthcare settings. The reliance on Far East manufacturing put a huge strain on hospitals during Covid as they struggled to source good quality, cost effective PPE.

As policy makers have realised the need to reduce dependence on disposable PPE, 21 Omnicare is responding to the challenge by providing reusable solutions, greatly reducing the amount of waste to landfill. 21 Omnicare founders are committed to sustainable, recyclable products with resilient manufacturing by re-shoring and near-shoring production of PPE.

“I am delighted to announce our partnership with HealthTextiles, their commitment to reduce and eliminate healthcare associated infections using advanced sustainable fabrics aligns with our commitment to bring our customers the world’s most advanced healthcare uniform and PPE. We are excited to bring HealthTextile’s TorTex range to Northern and Southern Ireland,” says Kieran Kennedy, Chairman of 21 Omnicare Ltd.

Recently awarded Best Healthcare Uniform Provider by Global Health & Pharma, the Swedish scaleup’s mission is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate healthcare-associated infections by developing the world’s most advanced PPE, protecting HCWs from pathogen exposure during patient care.

Founded by Harvard MBA and entrepreneur Tomas Persson, textiles expert Birgitta Persson and public service leader Torgny Persson, HealthTextiles is a Swedish scaleup that has been selected into EIT Health’s Bridgehead programme and was awarded by Ahlgrens Foundation in 2018 & 2020 as one of the most innovative startups in the Gävleborg region.

HealthTextiles works with a number of high-profile customers across Europe, including Hungarian healthcare company DoubleRose, Portuguese distributor Sausport and Swedish sportswear company Kordiebykordie.

About HealthTextiles

HealthTextiles is a leading Swedish manufacturer with a mission to save lives and decrease costs for the healthcare sector by developing innovative new healthcare uniforms and textiles. Offering unique anti-bacterial uniforms with Swedish quality and design, their uniforms can be found in hospitals, health clinics and care homes across Europe, with the company set to expand globally in 2021. HealthTextiles is supported by EIT Health.


Tomas Persson, Chairman
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