Dentists on the Frontline: How We Are Navigating COVID-19

We caught up with one of Sweden’s leading dental nurses, Liselott Davidsson, owner of dental and wellness clinic Farstapraktiken, to get her advice for dental workers navigating COVID-19 and discuss challenges ahead for the industry in the post-pandemic era.

How do you best describe “a day in the life of Liselott” at Farstapraktiken during the COVID-19 pandemic?

A day at Farstapraktiken during the pandemic is about being able to meet and treat all our patients and customers in a safe and secure way. We place a high value on working according to good and safe infection control routines required in a dental practice. We are constantly working to break chains of infection.

What changes have you made since the beginning of the pandemic?

Since the beginning of COVID-19, we have used face masks on all staff, at all times, during working hours, not just during dental treatments. Throughout autumn, we had both mouth and nose protection through masks and protective visors according to the recommendation of FHM.

What have been your experiences and learnings of PPE over the last year?

We have been very focused on protecting both our staff and our patients, and want to ensure our employees maintain good health if they need to breathe through a face mask all day long.

As we work in a holistic way across all the health treatments that we offer, our staff must also be offered good healthy oral protection to breathe through. The disposable face masks on the market today contain so many chemicals. I myself have had allergic reactions.

What are the biggest challenges you see for dental care?

The biggest challenge for dental care is to continue to offer patients and staff a safe environment without infection. Good safe face masks such as the TorTex powered by Eco Dri face masks provide a good and safe health environment and protection for both our employees and patients.

Woman with facemask

What has been your overall experience with TorTex powered by Eco Dri face masks?

We are very happy with the TorTex powered by Eco Dri face masks. We have also been providing these to our patients who need extra protection. Then we can use and communicate these to our patients. If they also need good protection. They are also climate and environmentally friendly which is important to us as a company.

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